Go Ahead, Go Back for Seconds

Debating whether to take a second helping of together time with friends or family today? Go ahead, go back for more.
Research shows that being socially connected is about as good for your body as quitting smoking would be if you smoked. That's some pretty powerful bonding!
Keep Your Friends Close
Yep, researchers reviewed more than 148 different studies and found that the more socially connected people had double the survival odds of less social folks. Their analysis compiled data from more than 300,000 older adults and the results helped prove that supportive relationships are like good medicine for heart, body, and soul.  

Friends with Benefits
Having good friends and close family in your corner helps you live longer by making it easier to blow off stress and weather tough times (assuming those relationships are solid and not toxic). What's more, feeling more invested in relationships often motivates people to take better care of themselves.


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