How Sleeping at Night With The Lights Off Can Make You Live Longer

Did you know that your body produces something when you sleep at night with the lights off?

The "hormone of darkness" or melatonin is produced by the pineal gland in your brain when you sleep at night with the lights off. It is important that the lights are off because light stops your pineal gland from producing this hormone while darkness activates its production. This hormone is also partly responsible why you feel drowsy at night.
Researches found out that good amounts of melatonin in the body can prevent breast cancer for women. It can also stabilize sleeping patterns. Melatonin also is considered as an antioxidant and can lower down free radicals which causes aging in the body. Furthermore, adequate amounts of it help promote improved learning and good attention span. Lastly, it minimizes the effects of jet lag and some chronic headaches.
There are available liquid melatonin supplements in pharmacies at the moment. Scientists haven't found any side-effects in using these products. Like what is mentioned above, it has a lot of benefits. For those who are deprived of sleep, this is the kind of medication that is safe that you should consider.
So stop fearing the boogie man. Think about the benefits of sleeping at night with the lights off and you'll sleep soundly.


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