Curb Two Health Risks with This One Protein

Reduce cancer risk and control cholesterol with one protein choice? Maybe so, if that protein is salmon.
Salmon -- and other fatty fish like trout and herring -- may help boost blood levels of good cholesterol. But here's the kicker. That same heart-healthy act could slash the risk of several different types of cancer as well. So warm up the broiler and slice some lemon.

HDL and Cancer
A recent review of several studies revealed that the risk of certain cancers -- including lung, colon, prostate, and breast -- may be affected by HDL levels. In the studies, the risk of these cancers took a nosedive in people with bountiful levels of the good-for-you kind of cholesterol. Seems the inflammation dampening that results from high HDL may also help discourage the survival, growth, and spread of various tumor cells.

HDL Boost from the Sea
Having high HDL won't guarantee that you'll never get cancer -- and more research is needed to confirm the link. But the latest research is just one more really fine reason -- in addition to the already-known heart health benefits -- to focus on bolstering your HDL levels. So throw some omega-3-rich salmon on the grill, and also try these other key ways to get your good cholesterol soaring:

  • Dust off your walking shoes.
  • Have a little hummus. 
  • Enjoy a daily drizzle of olive oil. 


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