Overeating Help: A Benefit of Yoga

Wouldn't it be nice if, just once, you were able to say no to those office muffins or that second helping of Friday night pizza?
Well, guess what? Yoga could give you that willpower. That's right. Aside from making you stronger and more flexible, yoga may help you become smarter about food, too.

Mind over Muffins
In a study, researchers surveyed more than 300 adults on their exercise and eating habits. Detailed questionnaires revealed that people who regularly practiced yoga had a different eating style than people who did other types of exercise. Yoga practitioners were more tuned in to their appetites and were better able to judge when they were full and actually lay down the fork at the appropriate time. Could this be why the yoga devotees had lower body mass indexes on average, too?
Work Your Will
Yoga requires calm and focus. The poses also require people to pay close attention to their bodies. And researchers suspect the increased mind-body awareness developed from the practice is what gives people an edge against many of life's challenges. Like how to whiz by the fast-food drive-through and head home for dinner instead.


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