Lift Your Lungs with This Wonder Food

It's versatile, it's low in fat, and it's high in protein. And it just might help your lungs stay lusty and young. We're talking about soy.
Don't blanch just yet. Prepared correctly, soy can taste sublime. Certain kinds, like tofu, easily take on the flavor of whatever you cook with. And research suggests that some extra tofu or edamame in your diet may slash your risk of pulmonary diseases to boot.

Tasty Airway Protection
Specifically, early research shows that eating soy foods is associated with a reduced risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). That's a category of lung ailments that includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. In one recent Japanese study, those with the highest intakes of soy foods not only had lower risk of COPD but also had better overall lung function. Here's another food that lungs love.

A Controversial Food?
There's a ton of conflicting evidence about the health benefits of soy. But as a whole food, it really is tops when it comes to nutrition. Low-fat, high fiber, high protein -- all good things.


Botiquin DE Primeros Auxilios said...

Thanks for these nice and healthy advices; I am going to tell all these tips to my grandfather and my whole family also. Everyone should take good care about their health. Health is everything to human's life.

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