Reduce Colon Cancer Risk 65 Percent with This Meal

You could drop your risk of colon cancer by as much as 65 percent with this simple and delicious diet switch. Trade that meat-and-potato kabob for a fish-and-vegetable one.
That's right. As you wait breathlessly for spring to turn to summer, start planning your barbecues now. And plan on making fish and vegetables -- and, what the heck, a little fruit, too -- the mainstays of your hot-coal-fired meals. Cancer-Countering Diet
A diet that's bursting with fruit, vegetables, whole-grains, and healthy protein choices like fish rather than meat is smart for a variety of health reasons. But it appears that the good things in this diet -- like fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals -- may work synergistically to keep the colon healthy and free of cancer. For good measure, add beans and low-fat dairy -- two more diet choices that appear to be an important part of a healthy-colon diet. (You can make meats safer for your body by using this slow-grill method.)

Deprive Me Not
On the other hand, trans and saturated fats -- and other potentially harmful compounds in meat -- may promote inflammation in the colon and set the stage for polyps and cancer down the line. So find creative ways to cook with less meat, and use healthier protein alternatives, such as beans, fish, and tofu. With a little practice, you'll quickly learn to love the taste of healthier foods.


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