Be a Quick Healer: Chant This

Next time you feel your blood start to boil, chant this mantra: "blue skies." Why? A calm mantra just might turn you into a fast healer.
Here's what we mean by that. Studies show that being quick tempered can make a person's body slower to recover from wounds. Immunity takes a hit if you're a hot head, it seems. One way that psychologists offer to channel anger? Repeat a calming phrase.

Stressed and Angry
In the study, participants who had received very small blister wounds to their skin were also evaluated in terms of their anger management skills. And those who had trouble managing their tempers were more likely to have slower healing blisters -- over four times more likely. The hot-tempered folks also had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their saliva, leading the researchers to believe that stress is the underlying factor in the impact anger has on healing. The immune system -- command central for healing and recovery -- suffers when tempers flare and cortisol levels get high.

Not Immune to Stress
Life can never be totally stress-free, and we all lose it from time to time. And it's actually healthy to express your anger rather than bottle it up. As long as it's expressed constructively ("Hey, I want you to know I'm upset and this is what I need to feel better.") and not aggressively ("Hey, you're a jerk and you better fix this!"). And it's a good idea to have some stress-reduction strategies at the ready to help you deal with the physical ramifications of anger -- like a jump in stress hormones or blood pressure levels. Want more information on stress Click Here


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