Try This Dip for a Better Memory

Eating foods rich in B vitamins and omega-3s, like hummus, can be a real memory booster, according to Samantha Heller, author of Get Smart. And these nutrients will be especially brain-friendly if you combine them with a few extra ZZZs.
The Hummus Has It
Hummus is a Mediterranean staple made from vitamin B6-rich chickpeas and high-in-omega-3 olive oil -- nutrients that Heller says are key to a swift, sharp memory. A spinach salad with a little drizzle of olive oil and vinegar will net you brain-friendly nutrients as well, because spinach is rich in B9. And tuna is another great source of both B vitamins and omega-3s. 
And a Side of Sleep
Sleep helps consolidate newly learned information into your memory bank. So when you're working on a brain-friendly menu, remember to hit the hay early, too. Heller notes that combining B vitamins, omega-3s, and better sleep is a surefire recipe for improving your recall. To improve your sleep habits, keep a regular sleep schedule, eliminate stimulating late-night activities like Web surfing, keep the bedroom dark and quiet, and put your mind at ease before bedtime with quiet activities like journaling or listening to music.


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