Eat This Breakfast to Get Happy

That bowl of cereal you have for breakfast each morning? It just might be giving you an all-day edge when it comes to feeling happy.
Compared with cereal abstainers, people who regularly ate cereal had more energy, thought more clearly, and felt less stressed and depressed in a recent study.

Flaky Fan
Be it flakes, clusters, or toasted O's, cereal may have something more than fiber going for it. When researchers compared people who got equal amounts of fiber from cereal or from fruits and veggies, only the cereal eaters experienced improved well-being. And even though increased fiber intake was proved to benefit bowels, the results didn't account for the feel-good effects.  

A Better Breakfast
The feel-good feelings may have something to do with energy levels. The cereal eaters in the study reported about a 10 percent bump. And that energy surge comes from the breakdown of cereal in the gut. Cereal is broken down into short-chain fatty acids, which supply about one-tenth of the body's energy requirements. Another way cereal may work its magic? By stimulating the production of beneficial gut bacteria.


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