Try This with Your Wine Tonight

Tonight at dinner, think in reverse. Instead of selecting a wine that complements your meal, plan what food you'll have with your wine. Pairing foods high in vitamin B6 with your favorite vintage may help you defeat one of the leading cancers.
The thing about wine or any other form of alcohol is that women who drink more than two glasses per week tend to have lower levels of vitamin B6. That's not great, because a large study found that women who ate the most B6-rich foods were 34% less likely to develop colon cancer over the next 7 to 10 years than women who consumed the lowest amounts. Your body needs B6 to synthesize DNA, red blood cells, and the brain chemical serotonin, among other things. Lack of this vitamin may cause irritability and depression (and you thought it was because your favorite American Idol didn't win.)
So what should you order with your Pinot? Chicken (skinless, of course), turkey (no skin here, either), and tomato paste are rich in B6 and also work well with red or white wines. Tell friends who aren't enjoying wine about B6, too.
But don't stop there. To help keep colon cancer at bay (not to mention lymphoma and breast, prostate, and ovarian cancers), you and your buddies should partake of vitamin D. Get 1000 international units (IU) per day; 1200 IU if you're over age 60. Also key for colon health: Eat no more than one serving of red meat per week, have plenty of fruit and vegetables, talk to your doc about aspirin, exercise regularly, and follow the colon cancer screening schedule recommended by your doc.


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