Get Happy with Comfort Foods

A handful of walnuts, a cup of oatmeal, a few sips of tea . . . what do all of these things have in common? They may help turn you into Susie Sunshine.
To feel better through food, you need to seek out nutrients known for boosting the production of feel-good brain chemicals and fighting off the effects of stress in the body. And walnuts, oatmeal, and tea fit the bill, according to Roberta Lee, MD, author of The SuperStress Solution
Good-Mood Comfort Food
Here's why Lee feels these three options are so outrageously good for your disposition:

Oatmeal: This happy grain is rich in tryptophan, a building block for the feel-good chemical serotonin. And you won't feel hungry and grouchy an hour later, thanks to the filling fiber.  

Tea: A spot of tea may give you just the mood and performance boost you crave, thanks to the caffeine. Plus, research links tea drinking to lower rates of depression. And studies show that the very act of preparing tea may soothe nerves.

Walnuts: These nuts are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids -- a type of fat that your nerve cells and brain chemicals love. They need it to function. Research shows that omega-3s may also help ward off depression.


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