Take This Supplement for Heart Health

Your heart disease risk could probably be lower with a little more of this nutrient on board: vitamin D.
Older adults who had the highest blood levels of vitamin D enjoyed a 33 percent lower risk of developing heart disease in a recent study. And supplements are a fine source. You can also look to sunshine and fortified dairy products to get your fill of D.

Beyond Bone Health
Vitamin D has long been touted for its benefits to bone health. But more and more research is showing a bigger role in health. In a study, adults who had the highest levels of D had the lowest level of "cardiometabolic disorders" -- the family of conditions that includes heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Delight Your Heart
Exactly how high levels of vitamin D protect against cardiometabolic problems isn't entirely understood. Vitamin D may protect the heart and blood vessels by acting on genes or vitamin D receptors or by regulating calcium levels in the body. Vitamin D also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Whatever the mechanism of action, you likely need more D in your life. Many adults are deficient.


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