Walk to Leave Your Stress Behind

Here's one walk that can help you unwind and unload some of the stress that may be weighing you -- and your looks -- down:
  1. Step outside and leave your stresses -- and your iPod -- behind.
  2. Take in the details of your surroundings -- the buzz of traffic, the chirp of a bird, the curvature of plants and trees, the precise color of the sky, the shape of moving clouds.
  3. You will find yourself becoming hyperaware and in the moment. At this point, think about what you are thankful for in your life. It can be general or specific: your health, your family, your experiences at work, your life partner, your children, your last birthday party, and so on.
  4. Let your mind and memory run free.
Becoming very present like this gets you thinking in a whole new light and connecting in ways you never imagined. You also get inspired by thinking more broadly rather than focusing on your own inner world and trivial frustrations. It's a great way to beat down stress while at the same time appreciating where you are right now. Also, one of Dr. Amy Wechsler's seven habits for healthy skin (number four, to be exact) entails focusing on the good things. When you're done with your walk, take 5 minutes to write down some of your revelations in a journal.


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