Try These Savory Seasonings for Your Heart

For years they've been the staples in holiday stuffing. Now it turns out they're pretty fantastic for your heart, too. The savories in question?
In a study, a powerful flavonoid found in celery and thyme appeared to hinder the production of compounds that trigger inflammation. Good news for your heart, because high bodywide levels of inflammation can open the door to heart disease.

Good Guy, Bad Guy
Inflammation isn't all bad. It's a normal bodily process that you need to stay healthy. It allows helpful things to happen, like wound healing and infection fighting. But when inflammation runs amok -- for either genetic or lifestyle reasons -- the body suffers. It opens the door not only to heart disease but also to scourges like diabetes and cancer. (Get your fill of celery and thyme with this savory stuffing: Wild Rice Stuffing.)

Health Hazards
Enter luteolin, the antioxidant compound found in celery and thyme. In fact, food is an excellent way to help combat excess inflammation in the body. Other foods that help fight inflammation include fish oil, nuts, pineapple (thanks to the bromelain), leafy greens rich in vitamin K, and herbs like thyme and oregano. Getting proper amounts of good sleep also may help quell cell-damaging inflammation. And controlling stress helps, too.  


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