2 Simple Ways to Boost Weight Loss

Here are two quick weight loss tricks that are so simple, they're almost too good to be true: Just read and walk.

Research shows that middle-aged adults who read food labels and also stick with a regular exercise program -- like walking -- are much more likely to succeed at weight loss than folks who practice just one of these little habits.

Portion Patrol

Most people are notoriously bad at estimating portion sizes, but being a label reader can help curb that. Knowing how to read and interpret food labels can help you judge portion sizes correctly, so you're less likely to overeat. In fact, in one study, patrons of a popular coffee chain consumed 6 percent fewer calories per transaction when the calorie counts for items on the menu were clearly displayed. Label reading . . . what could be easier?

Exercise Extras

Combine label reading with regular exercise and you've got a powerful one-two weight loss punch. And you don't have to knock yourself out with marathon workouts at the gym. People who exercised for just 20 minutes a few times a week -- along with reading the labels on every food purchase -- were most likely to lose weight in the study. (Try adding these 11 foods to your diet for faster, healthier weight loss.)


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