Just 1 Mile Keeps Your Brain from Shrinking

Our brains tend to shrink as we age, just like a piece of fruit on the counter. But you could help keep your brain plump and young just by walking about a mile a day.
That's right. In a 9-year study, people who walked just 6 to 9 miles each week preserved significantly more gray matter as they aged, compared with their more sedentary peers.

Steps Worth Taking
What's so great about a big brain? It likely means more mental power. In the study, not only did the walkers have less brain shrinkage, but also that translated into a twofold reduction in their risk for cognitive impairment. What's more, the researchers also looked at the benefits of physical activity in people already suffering from cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's disease and found that a mere 5 miles a week of walking seemed to slow progression of the condition. So when it comes to brains, bigger really is better. (Here's another nifty way to minimize age-related brain drain.) 

Nurture Your Noggin
Although the study didn't prove that physical activity was the direct cause of the brain benefits in the participants, similar studies have shown that aerobic exercise boosts both the production and the survival of new brain cells. And it's possible that physical activity may also trigger the birth of additional nutrient-delivering blood vessels in the brain, all of which would translate into a bigger, better brain as you grow older. So strap on those walking shoes! (Here's how to pick the right pair of sneakers.)


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