B is for Breast Cancer Prevention

Heart-helping, brain- and immune-system boosting vitamin B6 can now add another job to its already impressive resume: breast cancer fighter. New research suggests that simply getting your share of this nutrient could cut your risk of breast cancer, a lot.
Double-Duty Cancer Fighting
A study of Taiwanese women found that B vitamins in general and vitamin B6 in particular can reduce breast cancer risk. Higher vitamin B6 intakes were specifically associated with a much lower risk of developing ER-negative breast tumors. How does B6 do it? Researchers say it plays a pivotal role in preventing DNA damage and guarding against genetic mutations -- processes that up the risk of cancer. It also blocks the blood supply to tumor cells so they fail to grow and spread. Now that's a b-eautiful thing. (Related: Do you drink wine? Pair these three B6-rich foods with your favorite vintage.)
Go Bananas for B!
Bananas have close to half a milligram of B6 each (you need less than 4 milligrams). Sure, a plain banana makes a nice quick snack, but these EatingWellrecipes can dress up your banana in seconds:


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