Stressed? Omega-3s to the Rescue!

If the economy's ups and downs are making you feel like a bronco-busting rodeo cowboy (every day you're rattled and sore) we have one word to get you through this ride calmer and stronger: omega-3s.
Longtime RealAgers know these heart-healthy fats have a list of benefits longer than Kim Kardashian’s wedding attendees (and way longer than her 72-day marriage!): They boost brainpower, deter colon cancer, ward off osteoarthritis, protect your vision, and more. (Check out this slide show from Eating Well, showcasing foods for better eye health.)

The Ultimate Stress Protection
But here's what's giving omega-3s top billing for uncertain times: They also reduce inflammation and anxiety.
Why is that such big news? Stress and anxiety are some of today's biggest mind-body agers, and inflammation damages cells in ways that invite all kinds of trouble, from arthritis and cancer to heart disease and stroke. Omega-3s can cut anxiety symptoms by 20% and reduce cytokines (inflammatory proteins) by 14%. Their benefits may be even greater for older folks at greater risk for problems.

3 Ways to Boost Your Omega-3s
  • Eat fish high in good fats, low in mercury. Aim for three weekly servings of canned tuna, salmon (wild or canned), or trout. To start reaping the omega-3 benefits, try this Eating Well recipe tonight: quick tuna burgers for two.
  • Add walnuts, flaxseeds, olive oil or nut oil to salads and side dishes. All are rich in omega-3s (walnuts have six times more than other nuts), plus they add flavor and crunch.
  • Take an omega-3 supplement. It's hard to get enough from food alone. That's why both of us take 900 mg of algae-based DHA omega-3s daily (DHA is the type your body uses best). We think cowboys and you should, too. 
Learn why these are better sources for omega-3s than fish oil pills.


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